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Browning 1919A4 Barrel Jackets

Original 1919A4 Browning Barrel Jacket, parkerized.

Was $125.00
On Sale $80.00

SKU: 1919-8228

Browning 1919A4 Bipod Assembly

Israeli issue Browning 1919A4 Bipod Assembly, Steel.
*Very Good*

Only $149.95

SKU: 1919-CD-10339

M74 .30 Cal Tripod Assembly

USGI M74 .30 cal. Machine Gun tripod, OD Green Paint, With Pintle Body Assembly, NO cradle, in *Good* condition.

Only $1,529.00

SKU: SPCL-11377-OF

Browning 1919 Stock Assembly

Israeli issue Browning 1919A4 / A6 Stock Assembly with Clamp, Steel, Parkerized.

Only $59.00

SKU: 1919-CD-10278

Browning 1919 Carry Handle Assembly

1919A4 / A6 Browning Carry Handle assembly, Israeli.

Was $57.00
On Sale $47.00

SKU: 1919-CD-10277

Hungarian AK63D Parts Kits

Original Hungarian AK63D AK-47 Underfolder parts kit, 7.62x39mm.

Only $299.95

SKU: HGYKT-10264

Romanian M63 Parts Kits

Romanian M63 parts kit, wood stock & forward grip hand guard, blued, 7.62x39mm.

Only $279.95

SKU: ROMKT-10942

Croatian AK-47 30rd Steel Magazines

Croatian manufactured 30rd steel AK magazine for AK-47's / AKM's, 7.62x39mm, improved for bolt hold open (BHO), sealed in VCI plastic.

Was $13.50
On Sale $9.95


Polish AK-47 25rd Magazines

Polish manufactured 25rd black polymer magazine for AK-47 / AKM's, 7.62x39mm.

Only $4.99

SKU: POL-8425

AKM / AK-47 Safety Selector

AK safety selector lever, with Bolt Hold Open notch, nitrided, *NEW*

Only $24.95

SKU: PRT-8460

Romanian AK-47 Semi-Auto Triggers

Original Romanian manufactured AK-47 semi-auto trigger pack, 5 parts including hammer .

Only $15.55

SKU: ROM-3495

KNS Precision AK-74 Adjustable Gas Piston

KNS Precision AK-74 Adjustable Gas Piston, AGP-A-9, US Made 922(r)

Only $149.00

SKU: KNS-10507

Colt 604 M16 Upper Assembly

Late Colt Model 604 Upper Receiver Assembly 1969-1971, 20" Barrel, 5.56x45 NATO, triangle handguard.

Only $999.00

SKU: COLT-10996

Romanian PSL/FPK Furniture Set

Romanian buttstock and furniture set for the PSL/FPK/Model 74 rifle, complete assembly.

Only $165.00

SKU: PSL-4611

Yugo M57 10rd Magazines

Yugoslavian manufactured M76 10rd magazine, 8mm, *Excellent*

Only $35.00

SKU: MAG-0783

Breda M37 Feed Strips
Set of 12

Breda M37 feed strips, set of 12, original wood transit case.

Only $30.00


Czech VZ-58 Resin Buttstock

Czech VZ-58 resin butt stock, with sling swivel, no butt plate.

Only $39.95

SKU: CZH-11616

Czech VZ-58 30rd Magazines

Original Czech VZ-58 30rd aluminum magazine, coated grey, 7.62x39mm.

Only $31.95

SKU: MAG-10699

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