Romanian AK-47 30rd Magazines

AK-47 / AKM 30rd steel magazine, Romanian military issue, 7.62X39, *Good*  

Only $18.95

SKU: MAG-0032

Bulgarian AK-47 30rd Magazines

AK-47 30rd steel magazine, Bulgarian military issue, blued, 7.62x39, *Excellent*

Only $29.95

SKU: MAG-0913

AK-47 Grade "C" 30rd Steel Magazines

30rd AK-47 steel magazines of mixed European manufacture, Grade "C", *Very USED*, sold in *As Is* condition, NO RETURNS.

Only $9.95

SKU: MAG-6687

Russian AK-74 30rd Plum Magazines

Russian AK-74 polymer magazine, plum, 5.45X39, Used in *Very Good+*

Only $59.95

SKU: RUS-7386

Croatian AK-47 30rd BHO Magazines

*NEW* Croatian 30rd steel AK magazine for AK-47's / AKM's, 7.62x39mm, (BHO), sealed.

Only $13.50


Chinese AK-47 30rd Flatback Magazines

AK-47 30rd "Flatback" steel magazine, Chinese issue, 7.62X39 *Very Good*

Only $34.95

SKU: MAG-0486

Yugoslavian AK-47 30rd Magazines

Yugoslavian AK-47 30rd steel magazine (BHO), 7.62X39 *Very Good*

Only $24.95

SKU: MAG-0681

Yugoslavian AK-47 30rd Magazines

Yugo AK-47 30rd steel magazine (BHO), 7.62X39, *Good*

Only $21.95

SKU: MAG-3049

Romanian AK-47 30rd Magazines

AK-47 30rd steel magazine, Romanian military issue, 7.62X39, *Excellent*

Only $21.95

SKU: MAG-7997

Yugoslavian M70B Milled Parts Kits

Yugo M70B parts kit, 7.62x39, milled, matching, original populated barrel, fixed stock.

Only $579.95


Romanian PM-65 AKM Underfolder Parts Kits

Romanian PM 65 stamped AKM parts set w/ underfolder stock, 7.62X39, blued.

Only $299.95

SKU: ROMKT-10817

Hungarian AK63D
Parts Kits

Original Hungarian AK63D AMMS Underfolder parts kit, 7.62X39mm.

Only $299.95

SKU: HGYKT-10264

Egyptian AKM Parts Kits

Egyptian AKM parts kit with Romanian stock set, new gas tube, arabic marked trunnion, 7.62X39mm.

On Sale $419.95


Colt M16A1 Rifle Parts Kit

Original Colt manufactured M16A1 parts kit, 5.56x45mm NATO

Only $625.00


Schmeisser AR-15 60rd Magazines

ATI Schmeisser AR-15 Magazine, 60rd, polymer, 5.56/.223 *NEW*.

Only $54.95

SKU: ATI-12226

FN49 23" Barrels

Belgian FN-49 Barrel, 23" long, with gas block & bayonet lug, No Parts Fitted, 8X57 Mauser, blued *NOS*

Only $89.00

SKU: BBL-SS-12221

M1 Garand 8rd Clips

M1 Garand ENBLOC clip, 8rd, .30-06 Springfield & .308 Win, *New Old Stock*

Only $2.99

SKU: M1G-12248

.50 Cal. M9 Links
Set of 100

100 .50 BMG M9 Links, used in *Good* condition.

Only $6.00

SKU: USGI-11398

Maxim Machine Gun
Parts Kit

Original Soviet Maxim machine Gun Parts Kit, with barrel, 7.62X54r.

Only $3,295.00

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