CETME Model C Parts Kits
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Original Spanish made CETME model C rifle parts kit, .308/7.62x51mm, USED in *Good* condition.

Was $149.99
On Sale $89.00


CETME Model L Parts Kits

Original Spanish CETME Model "L" parts set, 5.56x45mm NATO

Was $395.89
On Sale $275.00


Israeli FAL Light Rifle
Parts Kits

Israeli FAL light / standard barrel parts kit, 7.62X51 NATO / .308, wood stock.

Was $520.00
On Sale $474.95


AR-15 Rifle Parts Kits

AR-15 rifle kit, includes 16" black nitrided barrel with 1/7 RH twist, 5.56mm, by ATI

Was $519.99
On Sale $299.95


Egyptian AKM Parts Kits

Egyptian AKM parts kit with Romanian stock set, 7.62X39mm.

Was $459.95
On Sale $419.95


Sten Mk5 SMG Parts Kits

Pakistani (POF) made Sten Mk 5 SMG parts set with wood stock and pistol grip,
9X19 / 9mm.

Was $197.49
On Sale $174.45


Browning .50 Cal. M3 Tripod

Original M3 type Tripod for the .50 Cal. Browning M2HB, Israeli Issue, complete with cradle and T&E.

Was $1,149.00
On Sale $1,049.00

SKU: M3-CD-11211

BREN Carry Case & Spare Parts Wallet Combo

Original BREN Gun Barrel carry case with a spare parts wallet, khaki canvas.

Only $34.95

SKU: SGD-SS-12598

Enfield Bayonet Special!

Enfield #4 set of 2 spike bayonets, blued steel, in *Very Good* condition.

Only $16.95

SKU: BAYO-12599

Israeli 1919a4 Accessory Set

Original Israeli 1919 accessory parts set, three piece with buttstock, bipod, and carry handle assembly.

Only $150.00

SKU: 1919-CD-12540

Browning 1919a6 Parts Kits

Original USGI Browning 1919A6 parts kit, LHSP/Top & Bottom plate assembled, and torch cut/demilled right hand side plate (RHSP), no barrel, parkerized, caliber 30-06.

Only $1,999.00

SKU: 1919KT-12760

Browning 1919A4 Parts Kit With Barrel, Tank Gun

Original USGI Browning 1919A4 "co-ax tank gun" parts kit, LHSP/Top & Bottom plate assembled, torch cut/demilled right hand side plate, w/ 24" barrel, 30-06.

Only $1,749.00

SKU: 1919KT-12779

Israeli Browning 1919a4 Value Sets!

Original spare parts VALUE package for the Browning Israeli M1919 7.62 NATO machine gun, used.

Only $175.00

SKU: 1919-7913

AK-47 Magazine, 30rd Steel, European Surplus, 7.62x39, Grade "C"

30rd AK-47 steel magazines of mixed European manufacture, Grade "C", *Very USED*, sold in *As Is* condition.

Only $9.95

SKU: MAG-6687

IMI UZI 25rd Magazines

Original IMI UZI 25rd magazine, 9X19 Luger /
9mm NATO.

Was $11.95
On Sale $9.95

SKU: MAG-2590

Mosin Nagant Rifle Pouches

Russian Mosin Nagant rifle two pocket ammunition pouch for stripper clips.

Was $10.00
On Sale $3.99

SKU: MSN-1500

Romanian PSL / FPK 10rd Magazines

Original Romanian Model 74, PSL / FPK, ROMAK III 10rd magazine, 7.62X54R, blued steel, *NEW*.

Was $79.95
Onl Sale $69.00

SKU: MAG-9762

Finnish Maxim M1910 Ammo Can, w/200rd Belt, 7.62X54r

Finnish Maxim M1910 ammo can, with linked belt, later type can, green painted 7.62X54r.

Was $39.95
On Sale $21.00

SKU: GEAR-SS-12670

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