Yugo M56 SMG Parts Kits

Original Yugo M56 underfolder parts set with 9.75" barrel assembly, Folding Stock, 7.62x25mm Tokarev

Only $375.00

SKU: YUGKT-12253

Browning 1919A6 Parts Kits

Original USGI Browning 1919A6 parts kit, LHSP/Top & Bottom plate assembled, with stock, bipod, flash hider,
caliber 30-06.

Only $1,999.00

SKU: 1919KT-12760

Romanian md.90 AK-47 Parts Kits

Romanian Cugir manufactured PM-90 parts kit, side folding stock, Blued, 7.62x39mm.

Only $299.95

SKU: ROMKT-10816

UZI Type 2 Parts Kits

Original Israeli (IMI) made 9mm TYPE 2 UZI parts kit with fixed wood stock, front barrel trunnion.

Only $179.00


STAR Z-45 Parts Kits

STAR Z-45 SMG folding stock parts kit, with 7-3/4" barrel, no bolt, 9x23 Largo.

Only $579.00


Goryunov SG-43 Parts Kits

SG-43 parts kit with torch cut MG receiver, demil barrel, wheeled carriage mount & armor shield, 7.62X54R.

Only $1,299.00


IMI UZI Wood Buttstock

UZI Wood Buttstock assembly with hardware and buttplate .

Was $29.95
On Sale $24.95

SKU: IMI-10704

IMI UZI 25rd Magazines

Original IMI UZI 25rd magazine, 9X19 Luger /
9mm NATO.

On Sale $9.95

SKU: MAG-2590

7mm Spitzer Soft Point Bullets (set of 100)

7mm Soft Point Spitzer Bullets, 139 Grain, .282" Diameter, copper jacketed, 100 Count *Unused*

Only $14.95

SKU: SPCL-SS-12852

Military Saddle Frame

Military Pack Saddle Frame, riveted steel & wood construction, for transporting heavy equipment.

Only $199.00

SKU: HVY-SS-12946-OF

G3 / HK91 Green Stock Assemblies

Original HK91 / G3 stock assembly with handguard, buttstock, and grip, green.

Was $43.75
On Sale $24.95

SKU: HNK-11007

Smokeless Aerojet 15-KS-1000 JATO Rocket

Smokeless Aerojet 15-KS-1000 Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) Rocket, expended.

Only $599.95

SKU: HVY-13010-OF

US Palm AK Pistol Grips

US Palm AK-47 Pistol Grip, Polymer *NEW* Color choice of Black or FDE Tan.

Was $19.95
On Sale $17.95

SKU: FUR-12971

US Palm AK-47 30rd Magazines

US PALM AK-47 Magazine, 30rd, Waffle Pattern, color choice, polymer, 7.62x39mm.

Was $29.99
On Sale $18.95

SKU: MAG-12837

Enfield #1 Mk3 10rd Magazines

Enfield #1 MK3 magazine with painted stripes, 10rd,
.303 British.

Only $34.95

SKU: MAG-SS-12337

Hexmag 15rd AR-15 Magazines

HEXMAG AR-15 15 round reinforced polymer magazine

Was $14.19
On Sale $10.00


AK-47 Grade "C" 30rd Magazines

30rd AK-47 steel magazines of mixed European makes, Grade "C" sold in *As Is*

Only $9.95

SKU: MAG-6687

Oerlikon 60rd Drums

Oerlikon 60rd Project left side Drum Magazine, 20mm, dented & rusty.

Only $50.00

SKU: MAG-SS-12947

Bulgarian Plum AK-74
Stock Sets

Original Bulgarian Polymer Stock Set for AKM / AK-74 , Plum, *Very Good*

Only $124.95

SKU: FUR-1690

Romanian AKM Side Folding Stock

Romanian military side folding stock, complete with
mounting screws (2)

Only $99.95

SKU: FUR-3490

AK-47 16" Barrels

*NEW* US Made Barrel for the AKM / AK-47 rifle, 4140CM Steel, In The White, 14X1 LH threaded muzzle, 16.25" length, 7.62x39mm.

Only $69.00

SKU: 922BBL-8485

Hungarian AK63D Bolt & Carrier Combo

Hungarian AK63D Bolt & Carrier Assembly, in *Good* condition.

Only $149.95

SKU: HGY-10617

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