AKM 16.25" Barrels

US Made Barrel for the AKM rifle, 4140CM Steel, 14X1 LH threaded muzzle, 16.25" length, 7.62x39mm.

Only $69.00

SKU: 922BBL-8485

Browning 1919a4 8mm Barrels

Browning 1919A4 barrel, 24", chrome lined, phosphate, 8X57 Mauser, US made.

Only $224.79

SKU: 1919-10976

Galil ARM 18" Barrels

US made Galil AR / ARM rifle barrel, 18" length, threaded muzzle, 5.56X45 NATO / .223, parkerized.

Only $119.00

SKU: BBL-10310

MG13 27.5" Barrels

MG 13 Barrel, 27.5", 7.92x57 / 8mm Mauser, blued, in *Excellent* condition.

Only $109.95

SKU: GER-OW-11775

STEN Mk5 7.75" Barrels

STEN MK 5 Barrel, 7.75" long, 9X19 Luger, in the white, made to original MK 5 print.

Only $99.95

SKU: STEN-11825

M53 / MG42 8mm Barrels

M53/MG42 barrel, and chrome lined, 8mm Mauser (8x57mm), *NEW*, US made.

Only $253.00

SKU: 922BBL-4142

Browning 1919A4 7.62 NATO Barrels

Browning 1919A4 Barrel, Israeli Marked, 24", 7.62X51 NATO, parkerized finish,
*New In Wrap*

Only $130.95

SKU: BBL-CD-10343

Browning ANM2 Machine Gun Barrels

*NEW* manufactured barrel for Browning .30 Caliber ANM2 aircraft machine guns, 7.62x51 NATO.

Only $219.00


STEN Mk2 7.8" Barrels

STEN Mk II SMG Barrel, 1 in 10 twist, 4140CM, 7.8" long, 9X19, in the white, US Made.

Only $54.00


STEN Mk3 7.8" Barrels

STEN Mk III SMG Barrel, 1 in 10 twist, 4140 CM, 7.8" long, 9X19, in the white, US Made.

Only $53.00


AK-47 Barrel for Milled Receivers 16.25"

US made barrel for MILLED AK-47 rifles, 16 1/4", 7.62x39mm, 922(r)
compliant part, *NEW*.

On Sale $39.95

SKU: BBL-10981

1918 BAR 24" Barrels

U.S. Manufactured 1918 BAR Barrel, Gas Port Drilled, 24" length, in the white, .30-06, *NEW*

Only $399.00

SKU: 1918-8189

Colt AR-15 / M16 30rd Magazines

Original aluminum Colt marked 30rd magazine for the AR15 / M16 rifle.

Was $19.95
On Sale $12.95

SKU: MAG-2264

Israeli FAL 20rd Magazines

Israeli FAL Magazine, 20rd, Metric, 7.62x51, in *Good to Very Good*

Was $29.95
On Sale $26.95

SKU: MAG-9860

Croatian AK-47 30rd Magazines

Croatian made 30rd steel AK magazine for AK-47's / AKM's, 7.62x39mm.

Was $13.50
On Sale $9.95


H&K G36 30rd Magazines

Original H&K G36 Magazine, 30rd, 5.56x45, translucent plastic, *New Old Stock*

Was $33.79
On Sale $29.95

SKU: MAG-10833

Romanian AKM Pistol Grips

Romanian AKM pistol
grip, orange plastic, in
*Very Good* condition.

Only $18.00

SKU: ROM-13347

STEN Mk5 SMG Parts Kits

British manufactured Sten Mk 5 SMG parts set with wood stock and pistol grip, 9mm

Only $217.49


PKM Tripod

Original Russian tripod for the PKM Machine gun, *Good*

Only $325.00

SKU: TPD-13278-OF

M70AB2 Parts Kits

Yugo M70AB2 Underfolder Stamped Receiver Parts Set, Matching, Bulged Trunnion, 7.62x39mm.

Only $349.75

SKU: YUGKT-13214

East German Cleaning Kits

East German rifle cleaning kit, in metal canister, *Very Good*

Only $11.95

SKU: GER-OW-11593

USAF AGM-22 Transit Chest w/ Inert Warhead

French SS.11 / US AGM-22 fibreglass transit chest, with Inert Trainer warhead.

Was $449.00
Only $369.00

SKU: CRT-12895

Russian 10P50 Heavy MG Scope

Russian 10P50 SPP heavy machine gun scope,  3-6x variable power, *Very Good*

Only $899.00

SKU: OPTC-11230-OF


Original British manufactured Sten Mk II SMG parts set with Skeleton stock, 9mm.

Only $237.45


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